We currently have vacancies for bank support staff, who are car owners/drivers

There are currently no vacancies for permanent support workers, volunteers or office staff. All vacancies are advertised here when available. 

To apply for a Bank Support Worker post. Please click here for an application form. 

Please do not send or email C.V.s as they will automatically be deleted by the computer security programme. 

Please note, application forms must be returned via post.

Client Vacancies

If you would like someone to be supported by A.C.E. and you are not allocated any support hours or direct payments:- 

You should contact your Social Worker, or Social Services to arrange for a Social Worker to be allocated to you should you not have one. Your Social Worker will arrange a full assessment and will apply for support hours on your behalf. As this process can sometimes take a while, you do not need to contact us again yet unless you require a Care Plan to support your application and we will be happy to supply this for you.


If you would like someone to be supported by A.C.E. and you already have funding in place:- 

If you already have Direct Payments in place and have enough funding for a minimum of 18 hours support per week, you should contact us as soon as possible. An A.C.E. manager will make an informal visit to your home to meet with you and the client. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about A.C.E. and talk about your preferences. You will be offered some ‘taster’ days within the next few weeks, which are totally free of charge. This enables both the client and A.C.E. staff and clients to get to know each other and what group they would like to work with. You will receive a welcome pack and personalised care plan within the next week. The signed contract, personal, medical and allergy information forms in the welcome pack need to be completed and returned to A.C.E. prior to the start date agreed. The direct debit or standing order form should be handed to your bank as soon as possible. If you receive support from another agency and wish to transfer those, or some of those, support hours to A.C.E. you should check whether you need to give any notice period to them first. Sometimes a client will have 5 days of support hours and wish to use 3 days with A.C.E. with a view to increasing the number of hours support from A.C.E. in the future. This arrangement is fine and you should let us know if and when you want to increase your support hours.


Payment can be made by Direct Debit or Standing Order on a weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly basis. Invoices and/or Receipts are sent by A.C.E. every fortnight and an annual account statement will be sent to you.